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Dr Jamruddin MD  ( HOMOEO)


Dr Jamruddin, a highly qualified Homoeo Specialist in the field of Homoeopathy was graduated (BHMS) from Govt.Homoeo Medical College,Kadapa and post-graduated (M.D.(Homoeo)) from GDMH Medical college Patna. He has been practicing since 1995 at Anantapur in  Andhrapradesh.

He has an  immense belief on his efforts than that of  God . His  unique method of treatment  is completely different from the ordinary method of Homoeopathic treatment. Safe, quick, perfect and permanent recovery is absolutely possible with his method of treatment.

If you have taken treatment with other Homoeopathic doctors and have not found  any results,  try our method of treatment to know the efficacy of Homoeopathy." Homoeopathy never fails but doctor may fail "

We don't need unnecessary investigations so that your expenditure will be lessened.

Homoeopathy is the safest system of Medicine on the earth. It never damages even single cell of your body during the course of treatment. There are no side effects even when medicine is  wrongly taken and has  in the highest potency also. Only curative positive effects will be shown. If the given medicine is correct then only medicine will be activated and shows its curative effects, If the given medicine is wrong it effects as  placebo or an  empty medicine.

You can find All Super Specialists in an eminent Homeopathic doctor.

We welcome all the doctors of other systems of medicine (allopathic,ayurveda,unani .etc) to test efficacy of this unique method of Homoeopathic treatment on themselves  and on the members of their families.

Each and every patient will be treated  by the doctor himself , but there are no junior doctors and  assistants ./ no branches /no camps etc