Our unique method of treatment :

Our unique method of treatment is completely different from ordinary homoeopathic treatment in which cure is possible in the  easiest and fastest way and it is strictly according to homoeopathic principles .

With this method:
                  1.Complete and permanent cure is possible
                  2. Initial aggravation followed by immediate amelioration will be taken place.
                  3. Cure is taking place according to Herring law of cure (last symptom disappears first and first symptom disappears last i.e  reversal order of their appearance)
                  4.Old complaints or diseases which are suppressed earlier are re appearing and  get cured automatically.
                  These changes are possible only with accurate,curative and pure homoeopathic medicine in suitable potency..So our method fulfils all the principles of cure in homoeopathy . Beyond that it is very quick to act also.